/10 Best Toddler Travel Gear – Keep Them Happy & Safe!

10 Best Toddler Travel Gear – Keep Them Happy & Safe!

In order to be considered the Best Toddler Travel Gear, it needs to satisfy a few categories; small, light weight, long-lasting and can either be passed on to future children or have a decent resale value. Each and every one of these products have been tried and tested by our in-house Toddler staff and have passed the test with flying colours.

Best Toddler Travel Gear



Kidz Gear Headphones

Gone are the days of our grandfathers, where you can plop a book in-front of your kids expect them to stay quiet for hours on end. They technology comes technology demands. If they get 1 hour of screen time at home, they will surely demand it half way through that 10 hour road trip between hotels. Having headphones means you don’t have to hear Peppa Pig or Paw Patrol during screen time; did someone say quiet adult time?

Most importantly, they have sound limiters. Back in the day, this meant they were extremely low and almost useless. We have thrown away many pairs of Children’s headphones for this reason alone. Kidz Gear children’s headphones allow the tablet to raise the volume, as well as the headphones, but only to a certain limit. While it may seem a little high in a quiet room, they will come in handy during rough times on a plane or crowded restaurant when they can actually hear their show over the surrounding noise.

Kidz Gear offers headphones as both wired and wireless (Bluetooth). At first, it was hard to understand by Bluetooth was necessary for children’s headphones, until the 2-year-old starts ripping the headphones off the 5-year-old. Ah, Strangulation! As parents, we can’t always have an eye on the kids, at all times. Knowing that there was no risk of cords wrapping around little body parts, on purpose or by accident, made the choice to leave them with headphones in the backseat of the car that much easier.

Kidz Gear Headphones are also adjustable. This means they will last as long as the kids need them to last. They are flexible and durable; even the strongest of willed 2 year olds have yet to break it. And the padded ear piece means they won’t have sore, red ears by the end of screen time.


Patented Removable Boom Microphone, Maximum Comfort / Extreme Adjustability.

Dimensions 7 x 7 x 3 in

Weight 7.68 ounces

Over Ear Headphone fit


Sometime after the little ones have graduated from a bottle, they will want a drink in the car. Do you give them your water bottle or a sippy cup? Cups with a straw can get dirty and build-up doesn’t wash away so nicely in the dishwasher.

The twistshakes’ unique feature, the fruit mixer allows parents to mix their favorite fruits or berries and water, shake. Not everyone enjoys the plain taste of water, so mix it up a little and add some real flavours, without worrying about blocking the spout.


BPA, BPS, BPF-free – safe for you and your child
PP-plastic – made from sturdy polypropylene plastic of the highest quality
Spill-free spout – so that your child can stay active without making a mess
Extra wide neck – our smart design make refills and clean-ups incredibly easy
Ergonomic design – easy to grip and comfortable to hold during even during energetic bouts of play

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Snack Container

Taking snacks outside of the house is always a chore; plastic bags or original packaging? Container or bag? But which container do I not mind loosing at least once a month? The price point on this container is perfect for those toddlers that insist on throwing things outside of the stroller, and the busy mom that doesn’t notice it’s absence until 2 miles later.

The flexible rubber lid lends itself great to little hands helping themselves to the snacks. It can be a little firm at first, great for keeping the snacks where they belong, but it can be frustrating for little ones. This container is best for slightly older toddlers, as the packaging mentions 12 months plus, or younger if they are using an older container with a well-loved lid from an older sibling. The main benefit of the Twist ‘n Click snacker is it’s easy handle and twist on lid. Not even the most skilled of toddlers will be able to fully release the contents without a parents noticing.

Other containers have too wide of an opening, to keep the little hands comfortable. This always ends up meaning that food can get out with just a little tapping of the container by said little hands. The lid doesn’t easily come off just by throwing the cup around so the snacks are safe inside, and not all over the floor.


Dimensions 13.2 x 10.9 x 8.4 cm

Weight 100g

Read my review here


According to MiFold ” in one in five journeys, children do not have a car seat: in carpools, with grandparents or other relatives, in taxis, on vacations, in rental cars, with three-in-a-row and so on. And this does not include bigger kids on the border of the regulatory limits, who do not want to appear babyish to friends, who have already outgrown child restraints. With mifold there is no longer any excuse. With a compact and portable device, a child can easily keep one with them all the time and drivers can keep spares, without cluttering up a car and losing cabin or luggage space. ” The unique size and shape of the MiFold lends itself to discretion, space-saving, portability and convenience, without sacrificing safety. This means a child will always have a car seat with them, no matter where they are or how last-minute the arrangements are.

Alternatively, when booking a vacation, as this is the “Best Toddler Travel Gear” list, parents no longer need to pay up to $15 per day to rent a shady car seat from the dealership, or attempt to haul their own on to the plane. This safe and tested kids folding mobile car seat is the answer to many travel parenting dilemmas. Other systems have yet to pass rigorous testing, or appear to flimsy. Others still have yet to come close to the space-saving technology that Mifold has created; parents want safe and small. Mifold has both.


More than 10x smaller than a regular booster seat and just as safe
The most advanced, compact, and portable booster seat ever invented
Folds up to fit into a child’s backpack, glove compartment or bag
Designed for kids aged 4 and up, 40 to 100 lbs, and 40 to 57 inches tall

Read my review here

Travel Potty seat

Potty breaks happen and the even the biggest of toddlers get scared when sitting on the big-kid potty. And can you blame them? That toilet boil is waiting for their little tushy to just fall in and soak their adorable behinds in less than hygienic waters. The Jerrybox Foldable Travel Potty Seat even comes with its own travel bag so the actual seat doesn’t need to come into contact with the other contents of the diaper bag. It’s unique folding action means it will compress to actual fit in the diaper bag, then fit perfectly on the toilet for the little bums in the house. Potty training no longer needs to be battle, as they will feel safe and comfortable using the toilet in any public restroom. Parents have the added advantage of knowing their little bums aren’t actually touching the toilet seat – if only we were all so lucky.

Other toilet seats don’t fold as well, or stay put when a wiggly child is sitting against their will. Portability means you aren’t limited to hotel restrooms or the children’s toilet at the mall. Every washroom is now child friendly. Only dislike; every washroom is now child friendly and they will take advantage of that – NEEDING  to pee in each and every toilet in the world.


Foldable to a compact size of 18 cm × 15 cm × 5 cm
lightweight design
fits neatly into a diaper bag / travel bag

Read my review here

CARES Harness

The CARES Child Aviation Restraint System is the world’s first passenger restraint system for children approved by Transport Canada and the FAA for use on all registered aircraft. Designed for children old enough to be in their own airplane seat age one year old and over weighing between 22 and 44 lbs (10 and 20 kg), CARES is engineered to the highest aviation safety standards. It takes only a minute to install using the existing, standard airplane seatbelt and can adjust to fit virtually every size airplane seat. Send the bulky car seat with checked luggage and carry CARES on board.


From 10 to 20 kg body weight and up to 100 cm body size

For children aged between 1 and 4 years

Weight only approx. 500 g

Read my review here

Bob Revolution

Before investing in a stroller, it needs to be something that was going to last for the lifetime of most parents stroller-needs, be it one kid or multiple kids. Not only are parents able to push with one hand (coffee break or hand holding), but the shocks mean the child will have a smooth ride – very important especially during nap time – but the swivel front wheel means one can practically turn on a dime. The solid frame allows for jogging with the stroller and “off-roading” while traveling in new countries.


Weight (Net): 25lb, 11.34kg

Capacity: 8 weeks to 70lb, 31.75kg (Occupant plus luggage weight); from birth with the use of an Infant Car Seat Adapter & compatible Infant Car Seat. Maximum occupant height is 44in, 112cm. Do not exceed maximum weight or height, as stroller will become unstable.

Frame Materials: High strength aluminum alloy.

Suspension: Coil spring and elastomer core shock absorbers provide three inches of wheel travel. Adjustable shock release knobs allow for two shock positions to fine-tune suspension for varying occupants and cargo. Position 1: 0-40 lbs. Position 2: 41-70 lbs.

Tires: Pneumatic tires. Rear 16″ x 1.75″, Front 12.5″ x 1.75″.

Storage: 2 interior mesh seat pockets, 1 large pocket on seatback and large Low Boy Cargo Basket underneath seat.

Read my review here



Ever seen a stroller on wheels? This is how they do it. Just secure the stage 2 car seat to the GO-GO BABYZ TRAVELMATE, then secure the child into the car seat. Voila! Parents are now free to hull around the little ones in their car seat, which need to get to the check-in, without carrying the car seat around and chasing after running toddlers in a busy airport. This will also double as your much-needed, pre-check in stroller. Most international airports have complimentary strollers available passed security and do not allow gate-checked strollers. Now all one has to do is survive the security line and all is good.


Easy to install or remove in seconds
Very light: weighs only 2.26 kg
Compact: 12.7cm deep, 43.2cm wide, 71.1cm high
Collapsible handle with four positions

Read my review here

Mommy Hook

There really is no greater feeling than walking down the street, hands free, because everything you have just purchased is attached to your stroller. This mommy hook by Attmu allows you to hang just about anything off of the stroller handle bar, using your own child as a counterweight (don’t forget to remove the item before the child, or the stroller can tip over). The weight and size of the package is only limited by your strollers capacity to carry it.

Don’t forget to remove it when leaving the stroller at gate check or stroller parking; they are universally a huge hit and sticky fingers happen everywhere.


Weight 6.4 ounces
Size 6 x 4.7 x 1.6 inches
Each hook can hold up to 6 lbs (3kg)

Read my review here

Travel cot

Instead of fighting over who gets to sleep with mom and watch dad sleep on the pull-out couch, bring along toddler’s own bed.  The Regalo My Cot Portable Bed is small enough to allow the toddler to carry it up to the hotel room, set it up and make the bed. At only 7 inches off the ground, there is no worry about the “mover” rolling off the cot, as there would be on a sofa bed or traditional hotel bed.

This is also a great sleep-over alternative to a sleeping bag on the floor, or to take along on toddler’s first camping trip. Don’t need to worry about them accidentally popping the air mattress with their impossibly sharp finger nails.


The portable bed measures 48 inches long, 26 inches wide
When closed, measures 24″ long 8″ wide and 4″ deep.
Provides a 7 inch clearance from the ground.
Children ages 2 to 5 years old that weigh up to 75 pounds and are less than 52 inches tall.

Read my review here

Gear/kit differs greatly from a packing list or carry-on packing list. The “best toddler travel gear” covers the much-needed equipment to keep those precious little ones safe and happy. For a look at our ‘others’ list, the things that keep the sanity in the car or long haul plane ride, as well as make the 30 minute wait for dinner to be served that much more bearable, be sure to also see Best Distractivities for Kids


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